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Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2019


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Epidemiology of Osteoarthritis
Chintala Srilekha* and Challa Pradeep Kumar
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.1]


Formulation Development and Evaluation of In-Situ Nasal Gel of Glimepiride
Anil Bhavrao Deore*, Avinash B. Gangurde, Vinod A. Bairagi and Vishwanath A. Borse
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.2]


A New RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation of Simultaneous Estimation of Levosalbutamol, Ambroxol and Guaiphenesin by Syrup Formulation
Arkoti Chaitanya*, R. V. Valli Kumari, S. Marakatham and Meruva Sathish Kumar**
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.3]


Method Development, Validation and Forced Degradation Studies of Voglibose and Metformin in Pure and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form by RP-HPLC
B. Mamatha*, V. Narmada and R. Shyamsunder
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.4]


A Survey on Risk Assessment Among Populations After Following Keto Diet
*R. S. Venkatesh and Zaheda Bano
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.5]


Validated High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Techniques for the Determination of Gemcitabine and Irinotecan with Applications to Stability Studies
K. Manaswini*, V. Narmada and R. Shyamsunder
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.6]


Isolation and Characterization of Multi Drug Resistant Escherichia coli Isolated from Urinary Tract Infected Patients
Mukesh Kumar and Jaya Bharti
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.7]


Analytical Method Development and Validation of Tezacaftor and Ivacaftor by RP-HPLC Method in Bulk and Marketed Formulation
Theegala Ravali*, S. Marakatham, M. Sathish Kumar and RV. Valli Kumari**
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.8]


Radiation Treatment Enhanced the Free Form of Phenolic Acid and Flavonoids in Leafy Greens and therefore Bioactivity in Terms of Antimutagenicity
H. D. Khade, Sachin N. Hajare and Satyendra Gautam*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.9]


In Vitro Propagation of Yellow Color Capsicum annuum
Aishwarya Sangle, Neha Pawar, Komal Shejwal and Manisha Chalse*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.10]


Methanol Extract of Gomphrena celosioides Leaves Affects Inflammatory Markers in Acidified Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer Healing in Male Wistar Rats
*Tijani Abiola Stephanie, Biochemistry Department, Bowen University, PMB 284, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.11]


Formulation, Characterization and Comparison of Cefaclor and Cefdinir Microspheres
Y. Manjula Devi* and G. Sailaja
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.12]


Antibacterial Effect of Silver Nanoparticles from Origanum majorana Leaf Extract in First-Aid Bandage
Sandhiya Renganathan and *Radha Palaniswamy
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.13]


Formulation and Evaluation of Taste Masked Oro-Dispersible Dapoxetine Hydrochloride Tablet
Vishal S. Gujare and Avinash B. Gangurde
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.14]


Review of Treatment of PCOD in Ayurved and Allopathy
*Patil Veena Ajay, Khot Bhagyashree Mahadev, Kubade Nishigandha Arun and Gaikwad Jayant Jeevan
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.15]


Study of Photochemical Reaction involving Nitrosyl Penta cyanoferrate (II): Thiourea and Dimethyl Thiourea Mix Ligand System
Bhoomika R. Gajjar*, Mayank R. Mehta and N. R. Goyal
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.16]


Characterization of Biogas Slurry from Sadra, Gandhinagar District, Gujarat
Priyanka A. Prajapati, Noopur R. Goyal*, Minal Trivedi and Sumaiya A. Shaikh
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.17]


Phytochemical and in Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of Anti Diabetic Activity of Tecomaria capansis Extract of Leaves in Wistar Albino Rats
SK. Mallika*, S. Manohar Babu, K. Vadivel, Fathima Asra, Ch. Puja, P. Sabira and B. Prasanna Kumar
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.18]


Solubility and Dissolution Enhancement of Poorly Aqueous Soluble Drug Ibrutinib by Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System
M. Sunitha Reddy* and Gavvalapally Swapna
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.19]


Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Solanum melongena Fruit Peel Extract
J. Sarkar*, A. Garg and P. Gupta
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.4.20]