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Volume 12, Issue 4, October 2022


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In vitro Free Radical Scavenging and Antioxidant Effect of Bacoside-A (Research Article)
*Baskaran. K, Nirmaladevi. N, Sumi. P, Jyothylakshmy Rajan and Ilangovan. M
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.1]


Formulation and In Vivo, In Vitro, Ex-Vivo Evaluation of Gallic Acid Loaded Floating Mucoadhesive System (Research Article)
Lalit Thakre* and Shubhangi Aher
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.2]


Optimization and Physicochemical Characterization of a Gatifloxacin Loaded NLC For Ocular Antibacterial Application (Research Article)
Dipali Sapkal* and Shubhangi Aher
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.3]


Design and Evaluation of Losartan Potassium Sustained and Hydrochlorothiazide Immediate Release Formulation (Research Article)
Bimal Debbarma* and Chandra Kishore Tyagi
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.4]


Immunomodulatory, Anti-oxidant and Cardio-protective Activities of Style & Stigma of Z‘afrān (Crocus sativus L.): A Unani Medicine used for promotion of healthy ageing (Research Article)
Shamim, Amanullah, Asim Ali Khan, Saad Ahmed, Fouzia Bashir and Shagufta Parveen
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.5]


Potential Activity of Synthetic Thiazolidinedione as Antidiabetic Agents (Research Article)
Pinki, Satendra Kumar and Anita Singh*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.6]


Child Health Care Through Unani System of Medicine-An Appraisal (Review Article)
Fouzia Bashir*, Jamal Akhtar and Shamim
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.7]


Stability Indicating RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Safinamide in Bulk Drug and Dosage Form (Research Article)
Gayatri R. Amrutkar*, Smita S Aher and R S Bachhav
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.8]


Berotralstat: A Review of Hereditary Angioedema (Review Article)
*Abhijit Shitole, Kajal Raut, Tejaswini Adsul, Snehal Durande, Amit Pondkule and Diksha Shinde
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.9]


Role of Panchamruta Loha Guggulu in Galaganda (Review Article)
Archana Pagad and Gazala Hussain
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.10]


Formulation, Characterization, and in vitro Evaluation of Chlorzoxazone Floating Microspheres (Research Article)
Selva Meena.M, Umamaheswari.D*, Abdul Hasan Shathali.A, Senthil Prabhu.R
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2022.12.4.11]