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Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2020


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Isolation and Characterization of Lipase Producing Bacillus Sonorensis and Bacillus Halotolerans from Oil Contaminated Soil of North Telangana (Research Article)
Ramya chouhan, Nagaraju Alupula, Suresh Lapaka and Srinivas Podeti*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.1]


Analgesic, Anti-Pyretic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Cassytha filiformis (Research Article)
N.Nagarani*, M.Balu and Ch.Pragna
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.2]


Analytical Method Development and Validation of Guaifenesin by RP-HPLC Method (Research Article)
Gopal Rao. Paisa and Ravali. B
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.3]


Comparative In vitro Evaluation of Anti- Diabetic Activity of Callus and Bulb Extract of Allium sativum L. (Research Article)
Babita Rana* and Rinku Patole
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.4]


Method Development and Validation of Nateglinide and Gliclazide by using RP-HPLC (Research Article)
Gopal Rao. Paisa and Mamatha
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.5]


Antibacterial Evaluation of Papaya Leaves Against Skin Infection Causing Bacterial Pathogens (Research Article)
*Pranita A. Gulhane, Mohini J. Madhugiri and Ankita V. Khadekar
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.6]


Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Herbal Skin Cream (Research Article)
Aduri Prakash Reddy*, B. Manjula, G. Suvarsha and SK. Uddandu Saheb
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.7]


Answer to Cancer: A Review (Review Article)
Koppula Jyothi*, Shaik Ayesha Ameen and Babitha Angaluri
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.9]


Evaluation of Synergistic Action Between Nimesulide and the Antifungals Ketoconazole and Nystatin on Clinical Cervical-Vaginal Isolates of Candida spp. (Research Article)
Bittencourt F M, Pippi B, Picanço J M A, Alexandre Meneghello Fuentefria A M, Calil L N and Mezzari A. Department of Analysis, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.10]


Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical Analysis of Sanjivani vati-An Ayurvedic Polyherbal Formulation (Research Article)
Chaitali Kakadiya, Mandip Goyal, C. R. Harisha and V. J. Shukla
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.11]


A Review on in-vitro Methods for Screening of Anticancer Drugs (Review Article)
V. Gomathi*, Rani Sebastian and Soja M. K
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.12]


Formulation and Evaluation of Alcohol Free Herbal Hand wash Containing Ocimum Sanctum (Research Article)
*Mali Kamlesh D, Chaudhari Himanshu P, Chaudhari Komal R and Chaudhari Dipak I
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.13]


COVID-19 and its Ramifications (Review Article)
Reena R. Nelson Anthikat
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.14]


Cryptococcus spp., Identification and Susceptibility to Antifungals in Isolated in Laboratory of Reference in The State of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil (Research Article)
Silva L P R, Garcia E S, Charles F C, Martinez K V, Leandro R N, Victoria Marcon Giudice V M, Nascimento C G S , Pereira P A, Borges J S, Gonçalves S M B, Rodrigues D M G, Picanço J M A, Calil L N and Mezzari A Department of Analysis, Faculty of Ph
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.15]


Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical Analysis of Dhatri Bhallataka vati- For Primary Adult Hypothyroidism (Research Article)
Pooja Abhani*, Mandip Goyal, Harish C.R. and V.J. Shukla
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.16]


Review on Diabetic Nephropathy and the Biomarkers for Its Early Detection (Review Article)
K G Praseeda*, V Gomathi and S Swathimol
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.17]


Preparation and Evaluation of Mebendazole Tablets by Using Liquisolid Technique to Enhance Its Dissolution Rate (Research Article)
Jadhav Pooja N.*, Buchade Rahul S. and Shaikh Amir A.
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.18]


In vivo Antidiabetic Property of Artemisia Pallens Using Albino Rats as Model (Research Article)
K. Sai Pavithra*, Jeyanthi Annadurai and R. Ragunathan
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.19]


Effect of Bisphosphonates on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis: A Retrospective Study (Research Article)
Kusam Harika*, Marlabeti Prathyusha, Surepalli Divya Sree, Rentala Praveen, V. Suresh and Singanamala Suman
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2020.10.2.20]