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Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2019


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Anti-Hyperglycemic Evaluation of Extracts of Spinacia oleracea Linn. and Acacia nilotica Linn. in Alloxan induced Diabetic Rats
Shrinivas K Sarje*, Nitin B Ghiware, Sachin Bhosale, Payal Chavan
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.101]


Hepatoprotective Activity of Methanolic Extract of Hibiscus Plantifolius in Paracetamol Induced Hepatotoxic Rats
Sowjanya K, Padmalatha K and Basaveswara Rao M. V
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.102]



Niosomes Encapsulated Pilocarpine Hydrochloride for Ocular Controlled Delivery
Neelam Jain*, Anurag Verma and Neeraj Jain
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.104]



Ferric Sulfate: An Emerging Catalytic Reagent for The High Yield Synthesis of Thiourea
Disha M. Dhabarde*, Priyanka Awarey, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Manish A. Kamble , Ashwini R. Ingole and Jagdish R. Baheti
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.106]


Comparative Analysis of Extracted and Exfoliated Deciduous Tooth for Mesenchymal Progenitor Cell Banking
Ranjith Kumar Indarapu and Pavana Jyothi Cherukuri*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.107]


Peeping into The Kettle: A Review on the Microbiology of ‘Made Tea’
Souvik Roy*, Lopamudra Roy and Nilanjan Das
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.108]


Chrysin Prevents Deregulation of Collagen Expression and Renal Renin-Angiotensin System in L-Name Induced Hypertensive Rats
Dominic Amalraj Arul anandu, Veerappan Ramanathan, Mahalaksmi Sethu and Malarvili Thekkumalai
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.110]



Isolation, Screening and Optimization of Lipase Producing Microorganisms from Industrial Waste
N. Reshma* and P. Nithiya
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.112]


Phytochemical Analysis of Ruellia tuberosa Tuber Ethanolic Extract Using UV-VIS, FTIR and GC-MS Techniques
M.N.L.C. Harika and P. Radhika
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.113]


Drug utilization study and Clinical Pharmacist Interventions in Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients of a Tertiary Care Hospital
S. M. Biradar*, Ummehani M, Pooja Bijjaragi, P. Kavya, S. Dhanavidya, B. Shivakumar, Anand P. Ambali, Hunasagi B. S., N. V. Kalyane and Santosh R. Awasthi
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.114]



Quantitative Ethno-Medicinal Studies of Staple Foods Used by Tribals of Southern Rajasthan (India)
M Lohar* and A Arora**#
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.116]


Phytochemical Quantification and Antioxidant Potential of Curcuma karnatakensis [White turmeric] – An endemic taxon
D. H. Tejavathi* and B. S. Sujatha
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.117]


Impact of Cucurbita maxima Seed Extract on Hepatorenal Profile of Severely Diabetic Rats
Devesh Kumar Kushawaha, Manjulika Yadav, Sanjukta Chatterji and Geeta Watal*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.118]


Clinical significance of c-KIT mutations in Children with Acute Myeloid Leukemia: An Indian Study
Preethi G. Nath, Priyakumari T, Jagathnath Krishna K. M., Krishnachandran R. and Hariharan S.*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.119]


Antibacterial Activities of Ethanolic Combination of Different Plant Extract
Kamlesh Kumar Yadav*, Asha Roshan and Navneet Kumar Verma
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.120]